Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally Full Time Van living

So we finally got the van running. We replaced the solenoid and fixed the battery cables. We have been rotating between staying at the local rest stop and Walmart parking lot. Its really great to finally be completely mobile. The Walmart parking lot is actually a really great place to park. The only down side is the sweeper truck that runs every night. One of the greatest things about these 2 parking spots is they have bathrooms really close that I can use at any time during the night.

During the heat of the day, its too hot to be in the van and with gas prices the way they are, we started spending allot of time at our local library and bookstore. Harrison is a very small town and we thought it would be really hard to find different places to park. But really its not that bad. We will be looking for new places to park soon. Don't want to stay too long in one place.

We ordered a new power cord for my laptop the other day, it should be here in about 3 or 4 days. It will be nice to be able to use my computer whenever I want. Posting will be allot easier that way. One good thing about the computer not working is I have had to find other means of keeping myself occupied. I love to read but I hadn't read much because I was constantly on my computer. Well, when I get the power cord, I am going to make sure that I don't spend every waking moment on it. There are so many other things to do and see.

About the van and its progress, I had been searching for different deals on I found a futon for $65 dollars and a kitchen with stove and all for $100. Well the stove was really nice but it was too big for the van but the futon fit perfectly. We bought two captain chairs that swivel. We haven't put in the chairs yet but the futon fits perfectly and its comfy. The futon is really groovy with a Tye dye mattress. Since we got the futon we have storage under the bed. I still have allot of work to do on the van. I have to reorganize everything and we are going to remove the center table from between our seats and put it in the back for more storage and a night table.

Well, I am at my sisters house using her computer so I guess I Will say bye for now. Just remember that dreams can be realized and imagination is the key.


Erin said...

wooo! congratulations on movin' in! =)

Issa said...

I have that problem, too, with the computer taking away all my other time. I really could live at my computer! Good luck pulling yourself away. So glad you're mobile again! :-)

Living the good life....together!! said...

Dear Erin,

Thanks! And we are glad to be back in our van!! We have been living in the van for about 3 months or so, but when the van broke down we had to spend a week at his parents house. I have decided that I don't want to spend another night in anything that doesn't have wheels. Now that we are full timing it again, I hope we don't have any other problems.

Lots of Love