Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hitching from Norwood, MO (54mi)to Springfield. MO (85mi)to Harrison, AR Shoutout to Monte!

Ok so I just left Smitty's house 2 nights ago. Watched the Cowboys vs 49ers Sun before I left..Which had me leaving really late (330pm). Ruby and I walked several miles, till roughly midnight. I would have kept walking but we were so cold. I have no idea what the temp was but it was cold..my fingers from thumbing it, was almost numb. Well I set up the tarp (first time btw, just the tarp part), and my sleeping bags and me and Ruby settled in for the night, in between the W60 and the outer road. Well (I am guessing on "times") about 2 or 3 am, I still hadn't been able to fall asleep, because my nick was really hurting (from the pack and from the terrain) and I hadn't eaten that day so I vomited 3 times (during the course of the night) from acid in my stomach, I had a huge headache, and freezing, well at about 2 or 3 am it started lightly raining..so I pulled the tarp over us the best I could but it just wasn't doing all that much good..so needless to say I got about an hour or so of sleep and when morning came we were really wet and cold. Let me tell you how cold it was...when I woke up and started to pick everything up I couldn't feel my fingers nor my feet, and Ruby's nose (which is normally red) was almost white and her ears were freezing (which are normally really warm...). Well after walking for a while a trucker finally picked us up and took us to the bus station. I arrived at the station at about 9am and Blue was due in at 12:30...Well Blue arrived and we went to walmart..about 2 miles away (I think). I don't know if you guys know or not but I have asthma really bad and had ran out of my meds not quite 2wks ago. So I was having a really hard time breathing. Well we went to walmart to see if i could get my meds transferred...well they could but they discontinued the meds that i take(which normally only cost me $12.00) so there was a new meds that were much more expensive ($43.00)..YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! So there was no way I could afford it..So since I couldn't get the meds I went around the walmart and tried to find some food...well this was a fairly new walmart, I wouldn't find the food (i cant see very well so I thought they had just put it in an odd spot, So I asked a walmart employee about the food...well that walmart hadn't gotten there food stuff yet..go figure..so I talked to her about some over the counter meds for my asthma...one thing led to another and she also has asthma...but didn't have an inhaler on her. Here is a really kick ass thing...she got off work in 10 min, she TOOK me to her house and gave me a full inhaler!! Then took me back to the walmart! How awesome is that..a TRUE LIFE SAVER! So got back to the walmart and we left there and went across the street to the BIG Kmart (first time I had been to one of these) well Blue went inside and got some tuna and some peanut butter crackers (needed protein really bad). While we were eating, this woman comes up and says here go buy you some burgers and hands us $5...cool! So after we left there we walked around trying to remember where my friend monte lived...couldn't hardly remember..so we walked several miles up and down streets that I thought were right...finally after it got dark we went to a Shoney's and I used the phone..btw I didn't know monte's number anymore, so I called his work and of course he wasn't working and they couldn't tell me (legally) his number, so they called him instead and gave him the number to where I was..awesome huh!! Well he called me..and come to find out he didnt even live in the same place anyways...so we got a cab and went to his house. Had a wonderful time..I got to watch mon night foot ball and monday night WWE!! So I didnt have to miss any of my shows LOL...Needless to say we all had a wonderful time. Gotta love Monte! Well monte had to be at work early so at about 730am we left with his mom and him..dropped him off and then she was nice enough to take us to the corner where we needed to get to get on the freeway...Awesome....and dear if you read this...thank you sooo much. So we stayed at the gas station for a while...and this dude comes up, he has lots of piercings like I do...he says I see your headed to Ark..Im from ark too...and he said he wanted to help us out...this guy didnt have a bunch of money..infact it looked like he gave us all he had...he gave us $5....We werent flying signs or spanging.....So I got up and hugged they guy and told him how thankful I was. and Blue hugged him too. Well after that we headed up the ramp to hwy65..walked about 6 or 7 miles, I think, till we got to the ramps of freeway 60...I told Blue that I wasnt going another step from this spot that we stopped...It looked like the best place to camp for the night. I didnt want to get caught again like the other night where Ruby and I froze.. Well about 20 min later...my cousins husband shows up and gives us a ride all the way to my sisters house!! How cool is that...I said I wasnt walking another step..and I didnt have tooo!!! So here I am. Using her computer, so you guys can know whats going on...So tonight I get to take a shower and lay in a real bed (tho at monte's I got to sleep ina real bed too), but this time I dont have to get up at 7am...and boy am I tired....found out my pack weighs almost 100lbs....boy is it majorly heavy...well thats all folks lol...

Loving You All

Friday, November 21, 2008


I have a brother who has been trying to make it to Missouri from SC. Have many of you ever heard of manifesting? I mean making something happen just by thought? Well, my brother Blue did just that. About 15 minutes after getting off the phone with me, he got a greyhound ticket purchased for him. And a day before that he was needing more money...well he found 3 dollars in his pocket...I think that's great news...

So Monday the 24th I will be picking him up from the bus station in Springfield. Then we are heading south for thanksgiving..going to spend it with my brother-in-laws family. Its not that far south..I have a few ideas of what I wold like to do. First, I want to spend some quality time with my sister. While I was in Harrison the last time I didn't get to spend any time with her...I miss her something terrible.

I have a good friend that I haven't seen since high school in OK..I would really like to spend some time with her and her family...and I just love spending time with my family(friends are my family too). I hope to meet some great family..like ACE, BLUE, and JAI...Nata..sooo many...SCIENCE..ohh so many..Love You ALL!!

Well this is going to be a short post...just wanted to update everyone....and tell ya all that I LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Picture time

Excuse the order of the pictures...
I think I am bloggeriliterate...
I cant seem to get them in order.
The top pic is my Marlboro Sleeping bag.
The best sleeping bag I have ever had.

My Mr. Wooly...very warm, just a tad small, but works to keep the lower half of me warm (especially my feet..burrr it can get cold down there).

Here is a top pic of my backpack...
Special Thanks to Heather...Thank you for the backpack!!
See the clear handle?
Those boots you see are tied to the handle.
To keep them out of my way,
I face the toe toward front of the pack...

The Inside of my bag..I keep trash bags as liners for my backpack
So when it rains I will still have dry clothes to change into.

Another pic...out of order..lol
This shows you the top of the trash bag..
I wrap it around till its water tight...then zip it up

Here is the bag all zipped up...
The weight really distributes well in this pack...

Here is a cool extension I did to my pack...
Remember that red sleeping bag you saw in the first pic...
These are the straps that go to it.
I cut them out and put them on my pack to help with the weight...

See the toes of the boots...
and you can see how I have the shoe strings
used as rope to tie the boots to the handle.

Here is a pic of the saddle bags that I made Ruby.
If you want one for your special pet..I am up for trading and green energy donations...

Ruby loves wearing her saddle bag!

This is the flap over the pocket..

Easy to open, and I have added snaps to this one..
But next time I will use buttons..Snaps don't hold very well at all!

A for Ali

My Bob Marley Pull-over
The only jacket I own....

Ruby, a truly wonderful friend...

See the flag...told ya....
May love always be there to pick you up when your feeling down....
Loving You All

Numerology Report


Numerological Report

Your Life Path Number is 11
Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

Much is expected of those carrying an 11 Life Path Number. Yours is the journey of the Spiritual Messenger. You are meant to explore and come to understand life's spiritual mysteries. As your wisdom grows, you will share your vision with all of humankind.

Your Life Destiny Number is 6
Your Destiny Number sheds light on those things you must accomplish in your life to be fulfilled.

Your purpose in life is to serve by nurturing family and loved ones. Your sense of beauty and community will make you a harmonizing force for those around you. You will bring to our world two qualities it is all too often missing: love and balance.

Your Soul Number is 3
Your Soul Number describes your deepest desires and dreams and the person you truly want to be.

You desire to make people happy, laugh, and be all they can be. You want to create, have fun, and remain ever enthusiastic. You are a lover of life, and will do all you can to ensure those around you are aware of just how grand a gift life is.


Your Personality Number is 3
Your Personality Number reveals the "external you"--the personality traits others will know you by.

You are a lover of life. You are extroverted and charming, and always want to have fun. You are the lucky possessor of the proverbial "magnetic personality." Your enthusiasm for life is contagious. Your potential to create and inspire others to create seems limitless. Of course, you are not fault free. You can be gossipy and display unwarranted jealousy. In the end, however, most will find your exuberance for life irresistible.

Your Maturity Number is 8
Your Maturity Number reveals the person you will come to be--your true self.

Those with an 8 as their Maturity Number will find rewards through their accomplishments. Their early lives will be spent learning how to apply power without becoming dictatorial and finding a balance between the material and spiritual world. As you mature you will be called upon more and more often to lead others. If you learn to apply authority without becoming tyrannical you may well be thought of as one of the world's great leaders in your later years.

The 4 Pinnacles
Pinnacles represent moments in your life in which you realize current goals and learn some of life's lessons. If you are at the beginning of a Pinnacle, then they can be used as a predictive tool to assist in managing your future. Your first Pinnacle begins at birth and last until around the age of 27. Your Second Pinnacle last through the next 9 year and the Third Pinnacle last for 9 years after the Second Pinnacle has passed. Your Fourth Pinnacle picks up where the Third Pinnacle ends and last throughout the rest of your life

Your First Pinnacle Number is 9

A 9 Pinnacle means you are in a period where your love for your fellow man will be at its zenith. In this period you will play healer and inspirer to those around you. A 9 Pinnacle is never easy. You will be asked to sacrifice meeting your own needs for the good of others. You may experience the pain of loss, but in the end will be rewarded by fulfilling your soul's need to ease the pain of others.

Your Second Pinnacle Number is 7

A 7 Pinnacle marks a time for study, self-discovery and spiritual development. Your focus on the inner-self will bring out the loner in you. If your 7 is a First Pinnacle you will probably have to deal with a feeling of alienation. A 7 in the Second or Third Pinnacle demarks a time for further spiritual exploration and refinement of your understanding of yourself. As Fourth Pinnacle, the 7 denotes yet more time exploring your inner-self and the sharing of your wisdom with others.

Your Third Pinnacle Number is 7

A 7 Pinnacle marks a time for study, self-discovery and spiritual development. Your focus on the inner-self will bring out the loner in you. If your 7 is a First Pinnacle you will probably have to deal with a feeling of alienation. A 7 in the Second or Third Pinnacle demarks a time for further spiritual exploration and refinement of your understanding of yourself. As Fourth Pinnacle, the 7 denotes yet more time exploring your inner-self and the sharing of your wisdom with others.

Your Fourth Pinnacle Number is 6

A 6 Pinnacle notes a time of love and devotion to friends and family, or possibly the building of a new family after a divorce. During this Pinnacle your energies will be focused on your home-life. You will nurture your loved ones and beautify your surroundings as much as possible. During this Pinnacle that which is in your heart will come to the forefront.

The 4 Challenges
Challenges denote personal weaknesses and temptations you will have to overcome and strengths you will have to develop to fully realize your goals. The 4 Challenges have the same time frame as the 4 Pinnacles.

Your First Challenge Number is 1

A 1 Challenge signifies the struggle to become independent, courageous and have faith in your convictions. If the number 1 appears as your first Challenge you are learning to define your self. Should a 1 appear in your other Challenges you are learning to remain true to your self and become more confident.

Your Second Challenge Number is 6

A 6 Challenge marks a period in which you will learn to balance the needs of your family with your own. You will learn that true nurturing can only come from your heart. Your idealistic views of marriage may be shaken some, but if you learn to temper them some you will be happier and more secure on the other side of this Challenge.

Your Third Challenge Number is 5

A 5 Challenge marks a time when you most overcome your fear of change and risk. You will also learn to liberate yourself from that which restricts your self-expression. While a 5 Challenge may be a bit scary, it is a time of great personal development marked by the growth of your individual freedom.

Your Fourth Challenge Number is 7

A 7 Challenge always marks a very serious period in your life. This period will be marked by intense introspection and the pursuit of spiritual wisdom. Your challenge will be to move through this period of self-discovery while dealing with the isolation such inner journeys often cause. Also you will have to learn to differentiate reality from fantasy.

The 3 Cycles
Cycles occur in 28 year periods. The First Cycle last from birth through your 28th year and is called your Formative or Seed Cycle. The Second Cycle--your Productive or Fruit Cycle--begins at age 29 and last through your 56th year. The Third Cycle, your Harvest Cycle, begins with the coming of your 57th year and last throughout the rest of your life. Your Cycle Numbers tell you the lessons you must learn and goals you must meet to stay on your Life's Path and achieve your true destiny.


Your First Cycle Number is 4

This is a time for you to put things in order. You will address many of life's practical concerns during this period. Discipline, order and a willingness to work hard are your greatest allies during this Cycle.

Your Second Cycle is 5

Change and the development of personal freedom are the earmarks of a 5 Cycle. You will find fulfillment and joy in the adventures this Cycle holds for you. This Cycle will show you life at its most exciting.

Your Third Cycle Number is 2

If you are in a 2 Cycle you are going to develop at a slow, even pace. Your talents for peacemaking and gentle persuasion will come into play often. Understanding relationships will be your main goal in this period. Should this be your Third Cycle, patience and diplomacy will be the characteristics of this Cycle.

Your Birthday Number is 5
This number is most influential between your 28th and 56th year. While it is not the most important number in your profile, it does have an effect on your Life's Path and Destiny.

You are curious about everything and above all else value your personal freedom. Change does not scare you. Indeed, you embrace it.

Your Personal Year Number is 1
This number tells you what is happening in your life this year. This number should be used to help you avoid setbacks and focus your energies on those areas of your life where you are most likely to achieve your goals.

This is a good year for new beginnings and projects. Your focus should be on yourself and self-improvement. This is the ideal time for you to plant the seeds which will lead to you attaining your goals in the future.

Your Personal Month Number is 9
This number tells you what is happening in your life this month. Use this number in the same way you would your Personal year number, but apply it only to the current month.

This a month in which you should clean up loose ends, let go of the past and prepare yourself for the future.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where to go from here.....

I recently got back in touch with a friend that I have known for many many years...since I was 11. We haven't talked for a couple of years. I think mostly that is my fault. I used to be horrible at staying in touch. I just heard some horrible news. I would like all of you to pray for her. Her name is Lisa and she has gone deaf. It is basically that her bones in both of her ears have grown together and they are killing the nerves that help her to hear. She was telling me that a normal person hears at 10 to 20 db, her good ear is at 80 db and her bad ear is at 95 db. None of the doctors can help her because the aids that she needs will cost her 10,000 per ear. I would like everyone to pray for her.....or at least send her some love....

I am still in Missouri at Smitty's...yes I know..I have been here allot longer than I had anticipated. But I realize that maybe there is a reason that I am here for so long...There is definitely some healing that needs to be done here....

I am having a real problem on trying to figure out where I want to go. I have had offers to go to Florida, Arizona and Chicago...

Here is my problem...I don't really want to go to Florida (have no interest in Florida, never have), I feel if I go to Arizona I will get stuck there...I don't want that...You guys know how much I hate feeling stuck...and I really don't know but one person in AZ...and going to Chicago..I had a friend offer me a bus ticket to get there and back to here....but i am traveling with me dog and don't want to leave her at all...even though I do have some great friends here who I could trust to watch her and yes they have agreed...but she is my responsibility not theirs...and the person in Chicago is not even family like you guys are...van dwellers and rainbow...We used to be good friends but then I have changed so much that I am not sure it would be good for my spirit...I have thought about going to see my friend Lisa in Arkansas, or going back to the Community.....argggg...

I want my "family"!!

i have been doing allot of oracle(tarot) reading for myself lately....and I keep getting the same message....wonderful things are happening right where I am, I need to live in the moment and stop getting caught up in the "future plans" and most importantly it is telling me to "SLOW DOWN"

SO I am going to try and take the advise...sometimes I get lost in wanting to travel and see all my friends...I want that very badly...I want to spend some time with all of those that I feel close too...but you know there is something that I have lost track of...I have allot of "family" right here where I am...Some of these people I haven't seen in a long time...maybe that is what I need to do...focus on where I am instead of where I am not...no one can stop me now, I can go anywhere...and no one can take away my dream now...I would like to eventually visit all of those wonderful ppl out there...like 721pm..Voluntary Simplicity, Holding, Jonna,FreedomVan, and many many more......!

I think, as I am writing this, what I am actually doing is figuring out what to do...

I really feel close to the spirits...and I always look for them for advise and guidance. I have found that where ever I go, there is a reason I have gone there...whether it is to heal someone or myself (spiritually and physically). I have a great healing heart and my love is very very strong. I believe that love can heal all wounds...If you are in need of healing, please email me..or if you want an oracle reading also email me...my readings are free....and I am very in tune with my cards....especially here of late...If you feel that I should be there with you to help you heal....please let me know...and if you love me...let me know that too...I love to hear that I am loved...now I know most of you are not yet set free to love all...but I pray that one day, you will be set free to love unconditionally all those around you who need your love....

Lots of Love To All of You!!

A new name for a new beginning......