Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sitting under the Learning Tree...

My current location is in Missouri. I have been here since Monday afternoon of the 27th. Let me tell you about the friend I am currently visiting, his name is Smitty and like most southerner's he loves his Confederate(Southern Cross) flag but that's not what makes him so special and amazing. Smitty, the man of fathomless knowledge has been teaching me about true history. I have learned a few things that would piss most Americans off. If you get pissed, good! But instead of me telling you what I have learned, I will let you do the research or you can learn for yourself. I want to tell you that these videos are quite lengthy, make sure that you have plenty of time to watch them. The first video has 9 segments each about 9 min long called Judea Declares War on Germany, by kapitalisten on youtube, the second series of videos is David Cole who did his own research, 7 videos, by RevisionistsRus on youtube. Be fore warned, you will be shocked, I was! Smitty, has given me a reading list, as I finish one book, he has another set for me to read. ATM, I am reading Sun Tzu's The Art of War, the revision and editing done by Dallas Galvin and translated from Chinese by Lionel Giles. An amazing book that I believe everyone should read. Whether you believe in war or not, WAR HAPPENS!!! The next book that I am to read is called Common Sense by Thomas Paine. I keep wishing that I can stay here longer so that I may read more of his wonderful book collection. Smitty's library is extremely extensive. Here are some of the books that I would like to read and think you should too:

The Age of Jackson by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Jacksonian America: Society, Personality and Politics by Edward Pessen
Look Away! A history of the Confederate States of America by William C. Davis
South was Right and Myth of American Walter D. Kennedy and James R. Kennedy
War for What by Francis W. Springer
The Series:
Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara
The Killer Angels by Micheal Shaara(Jeff's father)
The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara

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One of the books that I have been reading and am almost finished with is Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Edited by Dallas Galvin, translated from Chinese by Lionel Giles. I wanted to show you an excerpt in the book that I wanted to share with you. In Chapter 4, pg 99, Tactical Dispositions,

16. The consummate leader cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is in his power to control success.

-->What this means-->
Notes, commentary, and appendix

There is a very strong temptation...for government forces to act outside the law, the excuses being that the processes of law are too cumbersome, that the normal safeguards in the law for the individual are not designed for an insurgency and that a terrorist deserves to be treated as an outlaw anyway. Not only is this morally wrong, but, over a period, it will create more practical difficulties for a government than it solves. A government which does not act in accordance with the law forfeits the right to be called a government and cannot expect its people to obey the law. Functioning in accordance with the law is a very small price to pay in return for the advantage of being the government.

Sir Robert Grainger Ker Thompson Defeating Communist Insurgency.
Experiences from Malaya and Vietnam (1966)

--------------------->I say AMEN!!!<---------------------------

To introduce you to the book...if that didn't already.....

Strategy, Espionage, Deception, Military Tactics these are the themes elucidated in the ancient Chinese text The Art of War, the indispensable handbook to a subject that has occupied kings and generals for a millennia...Sun Tzu...Thought to have lived in the 5th century B.C. at roughly the same time as Confucius...His family was part of a clan of experts on arms and fighting...[He] belonged to an extended family whose members for generations had made their living as military advisers...[His] work is a unique admixture of simplicity, an utter absence of self importance, sufficed by the authority born of experience, and a breath-taking determination and passion for "ordering"--for setting the record straight, for getting out the truth whatever that might be, whatever the consequences. In the will not find the wicked delight Niccolo Machiavelli, the Renaissance Italian author of "The Prince", took in describing the deceptions and stratagem of the profane world. The Art of War is quintessentially Chinese: wise beyond it's pages, cryptic, simple...and at it's root, pacific.

Mid-October with friends

I have had some very interesting company as of late. When I left Cedar Creek(a part of the community), I went to see one of my oldest friends, Heather and her wonderful family. There I stayed for about 5 days. I was not planning to stay for such a long period of time. When the second day arrived, I went with Heather to take her pets to the Vet. While I was there, I asked the Vet if she ever did charity work and if she did, I said, "I had recently adopted a female dog (who was in need of her shots)". The vet said for me to come back on Monday and she would do the shots for free, and if I ever came back that way, that I might could even work some there. So, therefore, I stayed 3 extra days because I figured that, that opportunity was not one that's comes about very often.

I had a wonderful visit with my friend. We exchanged a lot of information about herbs and other plants. I was even able to teach her a few things about the natural, native plants that grow, right in her own yard. Needless to say, we made some very awesome dinners and I left her with some really great recipes.

About recipes, I had a friend from the community mention that I should have a spot here, reserved for recipes since I am now eating only organic foods. I would like to introduce you to a recipe that I discovered while making a salad....I call it...Ali's Fresh Lawn Salad. Now most of the green ingredients you can substitute for others that you may have in your garden but there are a few that are a necessity to the taste of the salad and the medicinal properties.

1 c Sorrel (found in most yards or near so)
1/3 c Plantain (preferably not the broad leaf)(also found in most yards)(great medicine)
1/4 c Dock (younger leaves are better, you can use one or two of these leaves, strong flavor so don't use too much) (another strong medicine)
1/2 c Kale (This you can substitute for another green which you may have in your garden such as Spinach or Collard greens.)
1/4 c Carrots (thinly sliced)
1/4 c Rose Petals
1/2 c Tomatoes (sliced thick)


1/3 c Sour Cream
1/2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar (can substitute for another sweet vinegar)
1/2 tsp Honey
1 tbs Olive Oil (can substitute with any natural oil that is not an animal fat such as coconut oil or peanut oil)
1 tsp Ground Dill (fresh or dried)
1 tsp Ground Mustard (fresh or dried)
1/2 tsp Sea Salt

Mix all the salad ingredients, mix the salad dressing...then of course, mix everything together and enjoy!

Well, there is my first recipe. Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heading North then East...

I am heading out tomorrow. Heading north through Harrison, AR, to Springfield, MO, then to Mama Wanda's for the 31st all Hallow's Eve Celebration, then north to Chicago then east to West Virginia, then further east eventually to see the ocean. All along the way, I hope to see new and interesting people and have alot of kind conversation's.

Just recently, about 2 weeks ago, I met a wonderful travel partner, her name is Ruby, is about 8 years old by my guesstimates. She is a Red-nosed Golden Retriever. When I met Ruby, we had an instant connection, she never leaves my side and she has slept with me this entire time. Once I started making her backpack, she instantly changed gears. She no longer wanted to come inside and she keeps coming to get me. I see the excitement in her eyes. She knows it is time to leave, even I feel the strong pull. I made the backpack for her yesterday out of an old pair of jeans. It only took one day to make it. Now she has had it on all day, empty of course, then tomorrow I will fill it with all her food and a few other items and then we will head out. I cant wait to get a picture taken...Soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jumble of Information(get your act together)

I promised more blogs so here is one more.

Remember before, when nothing much was happening, so, I didn't have much to write about, well now everything is happening all at once. I have so much to say but its so hard to say because there really is so much.

I want to tell you about some great herbs...

I started my moon flow yesterday. The cramps were making me miserable. When we sat down for dinner, I had a bowl of homemade cream of potato soup that I made 2 days ago. Well I put allot of Cayenne in my soup...My cramps were gone in about 10 min of eating the Cayenne. So now I am making Cayenne capsules and taking 2 when I feel the cramps surfacing. I only had to take 2 of those capsules yesterday. So any of you women out there that read this please try it out and if it works for you like it did me, please share it with others. Us women do not need to suffer more than we already have to.

Another remedy that I have been using is Jimson Seeds, otherwise known as moon flower, or datura. Normally a hallucinogenic but i have been using the seeds in a tea and by smoking them inside my cigarettes. It has helped my asthma tremendously. I take about 25-50 seeds a a tea. If you do this, please have allot of water handy...because you WILL get VERY VERY THIRSTY!! It dries up your mucus membranes. If you take it for prolonged periods of time, please use lotion on your body, because it too will become dehydrated.

When we left the gathering, we had 9 people all together including 2 children. We headed in separate vehicles to the community. Where we are staying at now.

We were traveling in a u haul and got pulled over. The reason the cop pulled us over..."he said" it was because he didn't get the info back in time. HMM I think they felt threatened by the uhaul. It is blatant and different. Most people are scared of what they don't understand or of things that are so very much different from their own perspectives.

Talking about cops...I have a story for all of you.

I was unfortunate about a week ago. These wonderful people let me come to their house for showering, doing my laundry, and they let me sleep on their couch. Well that morning I was rudely awakened by a helicopter swirling in the skies. It was right over the trailer. It kept circling the trailer. Come to find out they were growing pot outside. Well they took me into jail, even though I had never met these people till the day before. I believe that I was illegally put into jail. No handcuffs, no information, no fingerprinting. This was my first time in jail...believe it or not. I generally stay out of troubles way. Now the bad thing is that the Van Buren County in Arkansas is stating that there was over 300,000 worth of drugs and contraband. That's BS. I may not have known them that long. But they were old hippie folks who didn't even sell their pot to anyone. Everything they had was for personal use. The cops said they found heroin and methamphetamine...that's also BS. They hate those nasty drugs. Those are haters drugs not lovers drugs. They have them atm with 4 felonies. Which I have heard will be dropped down to a small do they get away with all the crap the government is doing? I personally believe the government is slowly cracking and changing. I hope that it will collapse! Let the crazies out, don't be afraid, they will kill each other the mean time learn your wild herbs and wild fruits and vegetables. That may one day save your life. Needless to say I will never go back to the town of Clinton. Insanity!!

Ohh another note about cousin from California was there too....small world.

I have given up most of my possessions. The only things I have left are a few clothes that fit into a small backpack, my tarots, trade items, sleeping bag, and my tent. That's all I have now. I am donating all of my books and things to the community. Everything that I cannot carry on my back.

I don't think any of you knew that I had been living with the same contact in my eye for about a year or so. I finally was talked into getting rid of it. So, I took it out about 3 days ago. Its difficult to see but I am managing. Also, I have asthma and I am trying to get some funds up so I can buy my medication and some new glasses.

I am going on a journey north to Springfield, MO and the surrounding areas. Going to another gathering soon. If your on my way and you would like to help in any way please email me. I can use all the help I can get. Greenergy(money), manifesting, kindness, hugs, ride, couch to sleep on... If you would like me to visit you in your town just email me....I would love to see most of you! Live to love to live!!! A wonderful motto!!

You guys are probably wondering..what about John? Where is he in all of this?
I'm not sure but you can email him at if you wish or you can find him on myspace

Different paths for different people. In the beginning I was going to hitch it and live on the streets, but i fell in love. Well I am still in love but I have to let that love go. I am really not sure what is wrong with John, he doesn't answer any of my questions. Nor will he answer my emails. I have a very strong feeling that he has found another. Which is fine with me. I have found love in every corner I look. Not necessarily sex but still love none the less. I do crave some good sex since I haven't really had any in a long time. Even when John and I were together sex wasn't something he gave me very often. So I am definitely craving something sweet!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Playing Catch-up

I want to get most of you caught up on what has been happening. There is so much going on and SO much that has happened. Good and bad.

John took me to Mountain Home, AR to catch a ride with "Brother" Robert. I became emotional when it was time for John to leave because had to be at work just an hour from that time. When he left we were on good terms and still in a loving relationship (or at least I thought so).

The first week in the woods was terrible for me but it was one of the best things for my health. I have always been used to eating all those poisonous food such as McDonald's, Sonic, high fructose corn syrups, and MSG filled products. During that first week, I started detoxing all those horrible toxins out of my body. I almost jumped ship that first week. As the weeks went by, more and more people arrived. As people arrived, more and more work was being done. We were staying very busy, working even in the heat of the days. When the event date finally arrived (I thought I might had been in a stalemate until that moment, wondering if the event was ever going to come to pass), I watched everyone pull-in and gave everyone a huge hug and welcomed them home! The love was so strong, I couldn't help but to shout it out at the top of my lungs!! I was in love with the feelings of family and love.

When Sunday rolled around, people started packing their things up and heading out, but before everyone left we had a very successful trade circle. We got rid of 3 hermaphrodite kittens. I got a hair wrap and a new earring that is huge and has the letter A hanging from it. My new nickname is AliCat but they call me Ali for short. Not many people know my real name anymore which I think is really nice. A new transformation deserves a new name!!

There is so much that has happened, that I am not going to put it all in one post. So for the rest of the story you will have to wait till I can get it written...