Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting a my favorite van!!

We're getting a van!!! We're getting a van!! We are so very excited!! We have been emailing back and forth with Lydia who writes Freedomvan..She is selling us her van! To think that Lydia is the one who really got my van going!! And that we will be living in the same van that she had her first experiences in!! We wanted to model whatever van we decided to go with, after her van. Funny how things work out, isn't it?? Lydia, thank you, no one has every been as helpful and supportive as you!! We will be leaving on the 3rd, on our way to Colorado to pick up our van!!
John and I had a great time the last couple of days.. He was off work Wed. so we stayed at home and played guitar. John is a great teacher, I have been trying to learn to play the guitar (trying but not succeeding). He has been so patient with me. I thank the gods everyday because I am so blessed to have him in my life!!
We are taking a lazy day today. So much to do and no motivation. Kiko keeps spilling my glass of mtn dew. I would fill it and go to get a drink and she has it all over the floor. Kiko is our ferret. She's rascally but we love her.
I guess it really is time to get to work
So for now
Peace out

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Van update

We have some more updates. About the van that we were going to go get in GA. We decided not to because we felt it was too risky to get it to arkansas. So we have been looking again. We believe we have found our answer!! A fellow van dweller has an extra van that she is nolonger using because she bought a new van. I greatly respect her and John says I am her fan! Well I think I am a huge fan of hers. It would be an honor to live in her van. Well we have 11 days left to get into a van. Our lease is up June 1st, so we have to be in our van by then. I am feeling so excited as the days go by and a bit anxious because we havent gotten a van yet. But we are very very close! I have faith that we will prevail!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ugh I feel horrible today. Went to see Tech N9ne last night, it was fun. I drank way too much, danced all night, now I my shoulders are sore, therefore I woke up at noon today. I really don't care much for drinking, its very seldom that I drink alcohol. I prefer other recreational endeavors. I have been sleeping way too much lately, I just feel so tired. I don't know why but I have a hunch. I also have been having stomach acid very very bad, the tums don't seem to be working for this acid and my lower abdomen feels bigger. Not uncomfortable, I think the only way I can describe it would be to say I feel some pressure near my ovaries. Other than feeling sick, I am happy. John makes me feel so complete. Up until John and I got together, I had had a very crappy life. Short version, I practically grew up alone, my mother left me as a child and I never knew my bio-father. I lived allot on the streets, never staying anywhere for more than a couple of months. I guess that's why van living doesn't scare me nor make me apprehensive. Anyways, I am so very glad that John found me. This is the first healthy relationship I have ever been in. We work in harmony together. He often likes to say that I am the woman version of him, my reply to that is that he is the woman version of me. We both agree that he is more emotional than I am.
Oh about the van. We will be going to get it soon. We are waiting on that check from the gov. I finally got one of my internet paid checks. It takes so long to get paid from some of those internet sites. So as soon as Johns check gets here then we will go pick up the van. On the progress of packing, we have allot of things packed. We still have several boxes to go through and of course the everyday items. We are going to pay my storage tomorrow, get rid of everything that wont be coming with us in the van, and that means very busy days ahead. I haven't been into my storage in about 10 months or so, it will be neat to see what kinds of treasures it holds. My storage is a 10 by 15 stacked to the ceiling. I know there are 3 or 4 computer desks 2 that have never been used, 2 couches, and at least 10 bags of clothes. That will be allot to get rid of. Anyone in my vicinity want some free or mostly free stuff. There are a few things that I couldn't just give away. Well if you want some just email me and let me know your interested. Well I think I am going to lay down. Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally a van!!

Found a van today. Its huge!! has a raised roof. We are buying for 500.00!! What a deal. We are going to have it painted midnight blue...going to put in wood floor and a bed in the top part...full sink with fridge. Going to go get it this weekend...ebay is a great place!! We are also going to replace the seats. Whooohoooo sooo excited!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A little more about us and alot more van living info

We went yesterday and looked at a few more vans and minivans. We found a few that we really liked. Problem was is that no one was there to answer our questions. You know it sucks when you like a vehicle and you think that it would be perfect till you hear the price and the mileage. It was such a downer. But we will keep on looking. Until then we will just continue to save as much money as possible.
Yesterday we went and grabbed a few extra things that I had put away. My books and my board games are something I cannot live without. I love to read and I love to play board games. I have over 600 books and 30 games. I had to pick and choose which ones to take. I ended up with 50 books and 10 games so far. I am afraid i might have to play the TEN THINGS GAME! Haha Me and John play board and card games allot. If we aren't listening or playing music we are playing a game. We spend most nights singing together or him playing his guitar and singing to me. It is so amazing watching his fingers play and the sound that comes from those fingers, I think of it as like a miracle every time. See, I don't know how to play. Tho he has been teaching me. And I have tried to become acquainted with his guitar, playing it when I am alone, feeling the wood, strings, just getting comfortable with it , so it isn't so awkward in my hands. but I think i am going to have to cut my nails. tho that doesn't bother me at all. In fact I am not even sure how I had seemed to grow them this long LOL. I don't keep nails very well for i tend to chew them completely off. Odd thing is, I quit chewing on my nails the same time we decided to live in the van. Hmmm

I didn't tell you but he works at sonic as an assistant manager. I know its not that much money but I respect his work. He has been here for 7 years. Plus I think he looks very handsome with the tie around his neck. As soon as I can get my phone camera to work I will put some pics up of him and us and our apartment.
Yesterday I got alot of stuff together. We separated it all into 2 boxes. One that we would keep and one that we would give away. We aren't going to try to sell our stuff. We will be just giving it to our closest friends. Since John works at sonic, that is how we feed ourselves. I know its not healthy but at least we can save more money that way.
I have been so excited. I mean I know that we are not going to have an easy time exactly. but i look forward to those hard times. having to think for ourselves. We have 2 sonic boxes full of stuff to take with us. Good thing is, we can leave the TV behind because we have a laptop which will play anything a dvd player will play plus it plays cds and gives us access to Internet. ohh yes i have been doing so much research and making a list of all the things we consider essential. here is the list. i have seperated them into lists like in a house. So it would be easier to think of the things that you use everyday. I dont want anything left behing that we would need. Because it is easy to leave out something as simple as your toothbrush..

Van Supplies...
Bathroom Supplies:

Toilet Seat
5gal Bucket
Kitty Litter
Laundry Hamper
Cleaning Supplies
Baby Wipes
Saline Solution
First-Aid Kit

Pet Supplies:

Cat Food
Dog Food
Kitty Litter
Animal Shampoos
Litter Box

Bedroom Supplies:


Clothes and Shoes(per):

1 Light Jacket
1 Heavy Coat
4 Pairs of Pants(1 warm, 3 jeans)
5 Pairs of Underwear(John)
3 Pairs of Underwear(Lori)
5 Pairs of Socks
8 Shirts
5 Sarongs(Lori)
Pair of Sneakers
Pair of Boots
Pair of Flip Flops

Kitchen Supplies:

Coleman Stove
Propane Bottles
Water Jugs
2 TV Tables
Campfire Rack
Ziplock Bags
Dish Pan
Trash Bags
Paper Towels
8 Water Jugs
Aluminum Foil
Plastic Wrap

Food Supplies:
Canned soups
Canned vegies


UV light
Green Onion


Hand vacuum
Board games
Art supplies
Jewelery stuff
Sarong stuff
Head sets

other stuff:

plastic shoe rack
cabintry wood
cardboard boxes
bungee cords
tent/pavilion/sleeping bag
fishing poles
tackle box
camping chairs
clothes line
fire proof safe
fire extenguisher
electrical tape
power strip
extension cord
DC/AC power converter atleast 140 watts
extra deep cycle battery

So far this is my list. Tho it changes just a little bit every day. I have also found yesterday some neat information about washing your clothes. Energy efficient and non costly. Things needed are....
5 gal bucket or doubled up trash bags ( I like the 5gal bucket better because its sturdier)
some dish or laundry soap
warm or cold water

take the bucket and fill halfway with water, add your detergent or dish soap, add clothes till it is 2/3 full. Then mix with hand and arm for about 5 min or so depending on how dirty they are. Then empty the water and add fresh water for your rinse cycle. Then wring out the clothes really well and hang them to dry. Easy as that. That is how we are going to be doing our laundry. Now I do want to tell you that if you had something rather bulky like a blanket or something then I would use the trash bag idea since you can fit more in them.
We have also been planning our trip as well. We are not going to be staying here in this town. We will be slowly moving towards Alaska. That is our first total destination. Now it may take us 6 m months to get there but eventually we will. here is another tip that I read while researching...Save a comfortable amount that will get you through 90 days. on top of that amount make sure you have something put back for repairs/insurance etc on the vehicle. What we plan to do is to have 2000 set aside for the trip and 500 for vehicle repairs. We will still live as tho we have only 20 in our pocket.
Ohh yes I came apon a lot of great Ideas on the net. This is another know those plastic shoe racks that can hang on a bedroom door. Well if you cut them to size you can fit them just about anywhere to hold different things like toothbrushes toothepastes, cat toys...whatever small things that u might need. Also work great on the back of your van seats.
If you have any ideas or anything that cd help us out...van that is already converted...or just a little thought...please share them with us...leave us a comment...maybe an email addy then we will get back with you as soon as we can....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hi my name is Lori and my boyfriends name is John. We live in a small town in Arkansas. You may think we are crazy for deciding to move into a van.. We have always wanted to travel to leave the rent paying, bill piling life behind. This is something that both of us have wanted to do for a very long time.

I can remember while I was growing up, we had a van...we went camping in the van allot. I have always wanted to go back to those good days in the van. So many memories. I am tired of being sucked into society. I sometimes feel like I am drowning..I long for the road again.

For a short time I lived on the road in a car. So I am not new to living on the road but I think that living in the van will be like paradise compared to car living.

Right now we are in the process of finding the perfect vehicle. We have been considering a minivan. While we know that a minivan doesn't offer as much room as a full size van but it does gets great gas mileage and the insurance is very low. We are looking to save as much money as we can.

When we find the right van, be sure, that we will post the pics here. And we will be broadcasting live vid feed from the van (Justin TV, and youtube) as well so that those who are curious or are wanting to live in a van and wondering what it will be like can at least see what we go through. We will also be showing pics of before and during construction on the van. So if you are curious, how to build up your van, maybe our blog will help.

A little about us..I, Lori, am 26 and John is 25. We love piercings, tats, and hippies...(odd combo I know) We love to live simply. Let me just tell you how our living room we have a small TV sitting on the floor with a very small DVD player sitting on top of the TV...and an old couch. In the bedroom, a bed and clothes. We don't need all the fancies to live happily...Just the essentials. John is a musicians and I am an published artist and writer (songs and poetry). I make hemp jewlery and sarongs, too.

We are so excited about this life changing experience. If you are interested in reading up, here are some great websites that I found while doing research on van living.... freedomvan (blogger here, very awesome blog),, Elmo's Van Living is another neat blog...Q&A type...very interesting to hear what other ppl think about van dwelling and lots of great advise on all assorted van topics.