Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neighbors...close and far away......

I have a close friend we call Popcorn, who wrote this essay and I wanted to share it with rings very true...Leave a comment and tell me waht you think about today's society and how we treat everyone from those close to us to those we have never met....

Essay: "Neighbors"

Neighbors. What do most of us know about neighbors or care for them? For the most part, nothing. Most people nowadays don't know their neighbor nor do they care to know them. Why? I don't know why. I mostly believe it's due to being from a "me-me" society; a society and culture that cares for no one or nothing but themselves.

Neighbors at one point in time used to be like extended family. That has changed. Most people don't even care about their own family, let alone some people who live next to them. "Why should I care for them, I don't know them," they think. Truly, why should they?

Why? Simply because without care for others then there is no true care for one self. "How?" You ask. Well, look at it. Without true 'neighborly behavior' society falls apart. Even if stuff happens on such a small scale as neighbors not getting along, it turns to big scale problems. Society is based on the well being of its members, the interaction of its members. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with sociology will point this out to you, but do you ask? No, of course not. You're too busy buying clothes or throwing away your slightly used shoes just because 'they are a year old'. You're too worried about yourself to worry about others.

I guess I sound very socialistic (which I'm absolutely not), because some of their arguments ring true. What is the well being of the individual, when the whole is decaying? Why should people care if everything is going to shit? Well, because one person can make a difference. If one person tries to reach out to their neighbors for selfless reasons, then that one becomes however many they reach out to.

A good society is not based on the well being of the economy or government body, but the well being of the people. Not the individual, but the whole. If everyone would take a true interest in others, then we would be a healthier society.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Health updates and such...

I found out that it wasnt the pain meds that caused the severe was the augmentin xr sr.
Now I can take the pain meds like i need. So if I take alot of pain meds in the morning then about an hour later I can stand to get down all the pills. I am feeling alot better for the most part. Still haveing a bit of a time but hopefully soon all will be well and I can start to travel again. I have a feeling that my days are not up!!

I will not give up on my dreams..remember I said that several months ago and I still mean it!! Alot of ppl around me want me to stop and get a real job and stick it around here...I take a look at that senerio and think..where will that get me in 20 years? Definitely not somewhere I want to be!! Do I want to be stuck in one town for 20 years, if you know me or even if you dont and all you have to go is this should know...that NO that wont do!

I love thrills, I love challenges, I love living!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I just wanted everyone to know why I have been gone for so long. I just got released by the hospital today. I had a sore throat when i went to bed. I woke up at exactly 420am the next morn...In sever pain. My neck was swollen on the outside severly from my ear my cheek (even my cheek bone was sore to the touch) and all the way down my neck. The inside of my throat was so swollen you wouldnt have been able to put a pencil though it. I could barely breath, couldnt even drink water. I tryed some homeopathy (usnea that I had) helped a little but not enough...I was dizzy sweating and freezinf with a high fever. I didnt go to the hospital I thought I could weather it out...The next day I called my sister and asked her if she could bring me something to help..needless to say I couldnt take so Blue was talking for me while I wrote everything down. When she got there she said tht I needed to go to the hospital emediately (but at that point i didnt understand what she was saying I was sooo sick) so I didnt take the advise...I slept for 2 days...then finally I went to the hospital because it wasnt getting any better at all..infact it was getting alot worse. I went to our local hospital here they got me straight into the ER, something that had never happened before...never gone straight in..normally takes a couple of hours...but guess I was that bad. They sent in several ppl one after another boom boom boom, finally the actually doc arrives in the room and says I needed a CT scan cuz he was afraid that I could be getting an abcess in my throat. Didnt know you could have an abcess in your throat, thought that was just a tooth thing...but well right after the CT scan they shipped me to Springfield hospital to a St. Johns. There I stayed for a while. Where I got alot more needle poked and many bruises but the staff was extremely great! Actually the most bruising I got was from the hospital here. I have so many needle bruises all over...from my hip to all over my arms...they were gonna stab my throat...glad they didnt have to do that...Well i dont have long here and i need to take some more pain meds...The meds that they subscribed me I couldnt afford...cost over 200 dollars but the hospital has this service to help some ppl who cant afford meds...ofcourse they are very picky on who they help...and well my throat was a severe thing...they emmediatly got a fax down there to pay for all the meds. I have to take 16 peniciallian pills everyday no joke. and ofcorse all the pain pills i will need. even have a refill. I dont have much time like i said here so i am not gonna correct my misspellings so plaease excuse that. Well I got released today around 2pm or so. I still have to go back for surgery on my throat but I have to wait till jan. Unless its gets worse..which i hope it wont. I couldnt breathe, drink water, eat...nothing..I was puking becuase of all the acid in my stomach and not having anything in my stomach for almost 3 days. and it took all day with pain meds and many anti biotics to get my throat to open up enought to allow some water through and when i was finally able to eat some jello it was realy great. Oh and I couldnt talk ofcourse. Now I can talk, eat semi soft food, and drink. Still hurts but not nearly as bad as before. Well gotta go if you have any questoins please feel free to ask em...lots of love!!