Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last days...

Last day of No Meat Week.....

As you all have obviously noticed, I added the No Meat Week. Well, I haven't had any meat since Sept 1st. Its not been exactly easy because most of what is around me is meat. But I have managed by eating allot of corn on the cob and beans. Which by the way was absolutely delicious! Today I had a baked potato for lunch, yummmy yummmy!!

Last days...

This is my last post for a month. I will be leaving for the Rainbow Guide Fund Raising Gathering on Tuesday the 4th and will not be returning till Oct the 10th. I will be helping as much as I can, to set up the gathering. I wish you all well while I am gone! I will write down my blogs while I am there then I will post them all when I get back. Expect a long letter, LOL.

I wanted to say Thank You to all who have been so kind and generous!

Thank You to...

My Van Dwelling Family
My Rainbow Family
My Blogger Family
And Especially, my beloved, John, whom I am going to miss terribly! I love you baby!

I Love You All!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just letting you know whats going on

I realy dont feel like posting but I think that I need to. This post may not be the best but thats ok.

Im not feeling well at the moment. I feel really dizzy and tired. I feel like I just need to lay down. My stomach hurts, too.

Update on John and I, I believe that everything maybe ok, for now. I love John very much as most of you know and I dont want anything to happen to our relationship.

I will be attending the Rainbow Gathering outside of Thayer, MO. I should be there in about a week or so. If you are going or would like to go or want more info contact me through my email

The Rainbow Guide Fun Raiser October 3rd--6th 2008 In Southern Missouri

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization!

Live Lightly with the Land and People!

Howdy Folks;

The Rainbow Guide Fun Raiser will be held from October 3rd--6th 2008
in South Missouri complete with three days of live Music, camping and
a community kitchen serving home grown organic food. It?s an open
bandstand and all are encouraged to come out and perform at this event.

Free copies of the 2008 Rainbow Guide will be available at this event.
All donations to the Rainbow Guide should be made online at: This is an alcohol free event so please do
not bring any alcohol to this event. School buses and trading circles
are welcome. Dogs cannot run loose at this event due to livestock and
must be secured or on a leash at all times.

Things to bring: Lots of love and a lot of positive energy.

Volunteers are needed to help with site preparation and are encouraged
to come out at least a week early and leave late. Things which would
be helpful for site preparation would be shovels, pruning shears, and
a weed eater if anyone has one and even a chain saw would help due to
flooding which took place earlier in the year and moved stuff around.

This is a totally free event in the Spirit of Rainbow. All are welcome.

Directions to the Rainbow Guide Fun Raiser:

From Thayer Missouri go east 14 miles on highway 142 until you come
to Indian Country Junction Store and turn left on highway "E" and go
approximately 2 miles and turn right on highway KK and go
approximately another 2 miles and turn right on County road 240[a dirt
road] and go approximately 1 mile and turn right through opening in
the fence [spot will be marked] and follow road on into the event and
someone will show you where to park and set up camp.

For more information call: 417-938-4606 or send an email to: